The New Clio System

We are changing the names in our product lineup to better reflect the expectations of today's libraries. What we used to call ClioAdvanced is now the Clio System. Our old just-Clio package will now be known as ClioBasic, which we will continue to make available for the smallest libraries. Current customers, we've put together an extra page to explain more about these changes.

Our new Clio System provides a complete patron interface, easily integrated into your existing library web site and an improved document delivery module compatible with Ariel, Odyssey, and PDF files.

These new modules provide:

Medical Libraries and Clio

We have been talking with alot of medical libraries looking for new software lately. We are proud to say that Clio is completely compatible with the NLM's system and that there are many medical libraries using Clio. The ability to seamlessly keep track of and work with requests placed with Docline or OCLC and any other method you might choose to use makes Clio particularly useful for medical libraries facing challenging organizational tasks.

The all-new ClioWeb!

We are proud to announce the availability of a new version of ClioWeb, the patron web interface portion of the New Clio System. To better fit the infrastructure that most of our customers already have, we decided to base the new ClioWeb on Microsoft's ASP.NET web application system. Current Clio customers with a ColdFusion-based ClioWeb site will continue to receive support for as long as they wish, but are also free to transition to the new ASP-based ClioWeb. Check out our Clio System page or contact us for more details.

Got 6.0?

Are you a Clio user that hasn't updated to 6.0 yet? Contact Judd to get the latest version of Clio for all the feature and compatibility updates you need.


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