? New System Explained

The New Clio System Explained for Current Customers

Confused about our recent product name changes? Here's the short explanation: what was ClioAdvanced is now the Clio System, what was Clio is now ClioBasic. So if you are currently a ClioAdvanced customer, you're now a Clio System customer, or perhaps just a Clio customer. If you currently have "just Clio", you're now a ClioBasic customer.

You might be asking yourself: Why? We have been thinking for quite a while now that the total package we used to offer as ClioAdvanced has really become the new standard, and it is what the vast majority of our new customers are opting for. In other words, the whole package is what we want to be selling as "Clio", since the whole system is what is required to meet the expectations of today's libraries and their patrons. We didn't want to completely get rid of our "just Clio" option, however, since we imagine plenty of libraries currently using it will continue to get along just fine with it, and it can still meet the needs of the smallest libraries, so we will continue to support it and offer it for sale and call it ClioBasic. ClioBasic will meet the needs of some, but for most customers the whole system is what's appropriate. By way of comparison, we have recently started selling our software in the UK, and we offer just one package there that we call "Clio", and it is the whole system that we in the US have known up to now as ClioAdvanced. That is in essence what we'd like to do here from now on.