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ClioBasic -- the feature list

ClioBasic currently provides the following features. Be sure to come back and check the list again - we are constantly adding more as suggested by our users.  (They give us the best ideas!)  

Your Borrowing Staff may:

Your Lending Staff may:

  • Capture incoming lending requests from all sources automatically.
  • Check local holdings for availability of new requests.
  • Add call number and location to requests.
  • Print pick slips with bar codes, call numbers and locations, if available.
  • Print mailing labels - to send an item to a borrower.
  • Print mailing labels - the return mailing label to include for use by the borrower.
  • Load records into the Clio database.
  • Update request status using single method for all requests regardless of how the request was received.
  • Search and retrieve requests using title, author, date requested, ILL number, borrower, status, receive date, shipped date, date last updated, article title, imprint, statistics date, call number, lending charges, branch ID.
  • Sort requests and subsets of requests by ILL number, borrower, received date, title, or status.
  • Print bookstrap with barcode, shipping and return mailing labels.
  • Track request status by query to the request database via easy to use screen.
  • Open tables directly and create Access filters and apply them to perform advanced searching.
  • Print overdue and recall notices.
  • Maintain library database.
  • Query the lending request database using a three level Boolean search tool.
  • Gather "one time need" statistics requests.
  • Generate reports.
  • Search and retrieve invoices using invoice number, ILL number, borrower, Paid/NotPaid

Your Financial Staff may:

  • Automatically generate invoices per item.
  • Automatically generate invoices per library at any interval you choose (weekly, monthly,..).
  • Search invoices by invoice number, ILL number, borrower, Paid/NotPaid
  • Manage Accounts Receivable - when paid, check number.
  • Manage Accounts Payable - when paid, check number.
  • Track OCLC IFM account payments reconciling with OCLC monthly statement.
  • Produce Account statements (like VISA bills).
  • Manage Deposit Accounts.
  • Produce credit/debit Deposit Account statements.

Your Collection Development Staff may:

  • Produce built it collection development reports for Loans requested.
  • Produce built it collection development reports for Copies requested.

Your Management may:

  • Request built in Borrowing reports for any time period:  Items Received/Unfilled, Method Request Submitted, Method Item Received, Copyright Compliance, Copyright Status, Patron Status, Patron Dept,Branch Library, Turnaround Time,Collection Development for Loans,Collection Development for Copies,Custom Report for anything you can imagine.
  • Request built in Lending reports for any time period: Filled/Unfilled, Reason for NO, Method Shipped, Turnaround Time, Financial Status, Method Request Received, Branch Library.
  • Define groups of libraries for statistical reporting purposes.  Built in reports can be created based on these groups.
  • Create their own reports using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
  • Create their own charts using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
  • Create their own graphs using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
  • Request information for a "one time" report.
  • Export reports to Microsoft Word format for inclusion in larger documents.