Clio is the most widely used ILL Management System available today. Over 800 institutions have purchased Clio based upon recommendations from other ILL professionals and workshops on improving ILL operations. Clio is used in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, England, Scotland and Wales.

Clio is a complete ILL management system for the new world of information.  We develop our software using the best technology available and employ the newest standards to assure compatibility with other systems that are state of the art.  One tool handles all resources - your staff can handle everything through one interface!

We have a giant list of many of ClioBasic's features and capabilities if you'd like to read more, or just get in touch with us today to schedule a demo.  The video below is the first in our series of demo videos that we will make available on our website. It details the most common way Clio users screen new borrowing requests and produce them with OCLC.  The tool for this job is ClioRequest, which is part of the ClioBasic package.

This video should be visible above for all Windows users, though since it is a rather large file it may take a minute before it starts playing. If you are a Mac user and are unable to see the video, a free plugin is available that will allow you to play Windows Media files.