The New Clio System

The Clio System is a total ILL management system designed to provide all of the functionality that ILL departments and library patrons expect to have in today's networked world. While our ClioBasic provides the essential features for ILL staff to manage their business, the New Clio System includes online components to allow almost all interactions between ILL staff and patrons to take place on your library's website. By integrating the Clio System into your ILL office as well as your library's website, patrons are able to see the status of all of their ILL requests, pick up PDF versions of documents that were delivered via Ariel or Odyssey or scanned locally, place new requests and communicate with ILL staff.  Printing out articles, mailing or otherwise delivering them, and answering phone calls or in-person queries about "where's my book?" can be almost eliminated.  Your ILL staff will thank you!

ClioWeb is what we call the patron web interface piece of the Clio System. It is a web application based on Microsoft's ASP .NET framework (see the technical requirements section below for more details). ClioWeb is intended to be seamlessly blended into your library's website where it will supply all of the ILL-related features you might wish to provide for your patrons. In other words, your patrons won't know or see anything about Clio or ClioWeb, they'll just see that you have helpful, logical and easy to use ILL pages as part of your library's website.  We have a demonstration ClioWeb site where you can see what a library patron at the mythical University of New Boston (Clio Software's home town) would see when visiting the library's website in search of answers to ILL-related questions.

Key Points

Technical Requirements

The latest version of Clio is hosted on Microsoft Azure's platform. ClioWeb is designed to communicate via SAML 2.0 or LDAP for patron authentication, but can maintain its own passwords if needed instead.

Earlier versions of ClioWeb were based on the ColdFusion web application system. Customers with a ColdFusion ClioWeb site are free to keep using it for as long as they like. contact us for more information.